Having smart technology at home can be a cool factor but when it comes to charging the portable switches of these gadgets then it becomes the “not-so-cool” thing as if the batteries go down then you lose the “wireless switchablity” to your smart technology appliances but what if there’s a new technology being in construction that lets you use those devices’ switches without being tensed about charging them then according to me many of us would be benefited.

Wireless Switches By Panasonic That Don’t Need To Be Charged Even Once

New Wireless Switch by Panasonic doesn’t Needs Batteries to Do its Work

Panasonic recently introduced a new battery less as well as wireless switch technology at the CEATEC 2016 that would charge of course but won’t ask you to do so. The switches that were introduced by Panasonic at the CEATEC 2016 consisted of a power generator that converts all the daily motions just for example like sitting on a chair or opening a door, all those actions are converted into electricity that ultimately provides the switch with the power to wirelessly turn on or off the connected devices.

The demo video presented by Panasonic at the CEATEC 2016 shown up switching on the lights, fans, computers, and the music as well as turning them off while the model was there sitting on the chair generating electricity for the wireless switch.

Also, unlike the complex wirings that are needed to install the smart technology at your home to switch on/off your devices can take a lot of time as well money but with the new technology offered by Panasonic it will cut a lot of time for sure as per their claims.

At present Panasonic hasn’t announced any products that will come integrated with the wireless and battery less switch. The technology will remain a demo for now until an official announcement is made, but it’s really plausible to see the way the company is moving consumer products towards the future.


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