Passwords are meant to be private and when on a computer they are private only till someone doesn’t gets hold of your hard drive physically, because if someone gets your hard drive in his/her hands then even the biggest and highest paid mass seller “anti-privacy software” can’t save your data from being revealed. To get rid of this problem a new product ORWL is making its way into the market which stores your password in a multi level authenticity chain and is accessible only through a “key”.

ORWL : In-Depth Analysis

ORWL (pronounced as Orwell) is an open-source miniature computer system that is designed especially for those users who are concerned towards their privacy very seriously.

Meet ORWL, a Miniature PC which Can be Opened only with a Key

ORWL is designed to wake-up at boot so that before booting it comes in your way and to unlock it so that you can approach further you need the “key fob” that comes with every ORWL.

The key fob when come near your miniature PC unlocks it via NFC and let your walk further in. In the next step you find out that the key for your hard drive is stored in a multi level security mesh that unlocks only if it finds out that the key is in right hands and the data is safe.

In the last step the whole system boots up in the security mesh which ensures that if ORWL is cut, broken, cut, drilled, or removed in any way the data doesn’t remain in the system and gets “encrypted” by the micro controller protecting it.

If this occurs then in no way the data could be recovered as the encryption key for the SSD voids out and the system requires full re-installation of the OS.


Coming over the configurations on which ORWL works are Ubuntu or Windows 10, with 8GB of RAM, the user get to choose from Intel Skylake M3 or M7 processor, and either 120GB or 480GB of storage.

ORWL range starts from $699, and can is made can go up to $1,299 for the highest configurations. At present the product hasn’t launched in the public market and is being sold over through a crowd funding site only.



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