Nowadays people are crazy about Apple’s IOS because iPhone in itself is a vogue. Along with lavishing design,  there are lots of wonderful features which you can enjoy. Below are a  few features which are expected to be in latest iPhone 7, dual lens camera, thinner body, a water resistance chassis, with up size battery, slightly bigger than iPhone 6, no more with real-antenna lines.

iPhone 7 Concept Image
iPhone 7 Concept

iPhone 7 : Specs, No Headphone Jack

Headphones are expected to be removed. It is a rumor that iPhone 7 will not have 3.5 mm headphone jack. It will not have a headphone jack.Apart from all the rumors, makers of iPhone7 are not in the mood to reveal that how a product will look, however as per latest reports there are fewer expected highlights. It is expected that Apple will soon announce an event on 7th September in San Francisco. There are few more expectations from iPhone 7.

It could include updates like waterproofing, touch sensitive home button or a darker color option, stereo sound and much more.The display is expected to be almost same as iPhone 6, however, changes in headphones are expected.From Mac Rumors it is also revealed that it can have a dual lens camera.

According to the Journal, the storage capacity of this phone will be normal like all other phones i.e. it will start from 16GB and will go up to 32 GB.It is expected to be blessed with KGI security with a thinner body.The release date of Apple iPhone 7 is rumored to be 7th September.
Guess what, these are wonderful features which an ideal phone should have, however, one thing is bothering about the headphones will not be there so how iPhone 7 makers are going to cope up with this as today most of us cannot live without listening music, watching videos. Although, above all apple’s iPhone is the smartest gadget globally, so lets’s cross out fingers and hope for the best.


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