According to the statement given by a Chinese retailer, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd .has been conducting an internal review after the e-commerce site referred to a Galaxy Note 7 battery issues happening to a customer. This issue was highlighted a Chinese magazine namely Caixin later this Sunday.

This was told to Reuters in a mail by the E-commerce site’s spokesman. He stated “We immediately referred this case to Samsung and they are conducting an internal review.” However, Samsung didn’t immediately respond to the site’s reference of the problem.

Internal Review Being Carried Away in Samsung: Report
Samsung conducting Galaxy Note 7 internal review

Samsung stated on its Chinese website of September 14 that the devices sold after 1st September in China were not vulnerable to fire as in China the version sold by the company used a different vendor for the battery which was with no defects as for now.

However, Last week, China’s quality watchdog stated that Samsung China is going to recall 1,858 units of its Galaxy Note 7 phone which were sold as part of a testing scheme by the company and now they need to be recalled because of the number of issues present.

Samsung is in high pressure as it has to recall all of these devices bear their expenses and also need to replace these “defective” devices with intact ones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

While some still rely on the company and are looking for a fresh replacement of their flagship device while some clearly stated that they won’t buy again from the firm and as soon as possible they need their full money refund.

We already know that now these both devices, Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7 are being banned by Airlines worldwide including India and nothing much can be done on this matter except launching a new device that doesn’t “explodes”.

At present this recalling and replacement is enough of a pain for Samsung for now.


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