According to some rumors, it is being speculated that soon the Nexus lineup by Google will be replaced by Pixel range of smartphones. Last year we saw that Google launched a first in the range convertible tablet named Pixel C which was the “first” Pixel device running on Android Operating System. Prior to this only one Pixel device was there named as Chromebook Pixel, which as it name suggests ran on Chrome OS.

Google’s Nexus To Be Rebranded As Pixel

What Are The Preparations Google Be Doing For This Major Change?

Nexus devices were as flawless as well as had the same level of popularity among Android users as Iphone has in its market. Changing the name of the lineup may not seem a big change but Google is making it look as it is meant to be a major enhancement to the Smartphone industry.

We can judge it by the news that HTC is spotted making devices for Google which could be renamed as Pixel and Pixel XL according to their screen size ratio.

A bit of twist which makes a lot of confusion is that these devices are although being made by HTC but they won’t be releasing under HTC’s brand name unlike the Nexus devices which had the brand name of the brand which made it and Google gave technical support. But with Pixel range of smartphones, Google is going a bit further.

Google Pixel coming soon
Google dumping Nexus


According to my views I believe that Google can keep Nexus lineup alive by not rebranding it and allowing manufacturers to continue building Nexus devices as per old strategy hence to keep pure Android experience alive to its users.

Talking about Pixel, Here I believe this may be a strategy of Google to gain the market under its name with this and making other manufacturers follow it by making the Nexus devices.

What do you feel on the whole of the scenario?

Would Nexus be rebranded and killed or Pixel is going to be a totally new brand name under Google?

Feel free to share your views in the comment box below.


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