Whenever we think of stock Android experience we all have only one name in mind – Google Nexus. The ultimate series of flagship devices made by a random third party manufacturer per year for Google that carried years of guaranteed updates and software backing by Google. The Nexus lineup of smartphones was an inspiration for many of the new manufacturers to come up with something innovative to beat up these devices but unfortunately, no device with Android backing could ever beat it.

But what if I tell you that the Nexus lineup is going to come to an end this year officially?

End Of Nexus Lineup – Report

Google Nexus Lineup now going to be Officially Dead

According to a report by The Verge, Google is finally bidding goodbye to its most successful range of Smartphones and this was confirmed by The Verge from a Google Spokesman.

According to the spokesman Google has “no plans” to continue with the lineup as the new Pixel Smartphones are launched and Google doesn’t want a “competitor” in their own house. Ending up the lineup will surely make the loyal followers to just go and buy the new Pixel range of Smartphones to keep on getting direct Google support. This will increase Pixel’s sales for sure as there are millions of “happy” Nexus owners that will give Pixel Smartphones a shot too.

But unlike Nexus devices, Pixel Smartphones are not coming under the budget tag and in India the range starts at 57K Indian Rupees which is again a hefty situation for the device’s followers as where to go to get exactly what they wanted all these years and got too with the Nexus lineup. As if coming over other manufacturers there are a plenty of companies to go for but they many a times provide skinned Android experience or just let you wait for 4-5 months for a software update that on the other hand came firstly for Nexus users.

Google Nexus Discontinued

Also, the Google store listing for the devices has been pulled up and only Pixel range shows up there.

Only time will know what will happen to the “loyal” Nexus users.


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