There had been several cases that showed great disasters Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion caused to individuals. Though the Korean electronics company – Samsung is ready to reimburse for all sorts of damages. A Recent case has reported in which the explosion caused a damage worth $1400 to hotel room and its properties. This incident took place in Australia.Galaxy Note 7 Exploded


As of now, there had been over 35 units of Galaxy Note 7 got exploded. These cases have made Samsung to take the serious steps. Following these cases, the company has decided to issue a global recall to take responsibility for reimbursement for the damages caused by the explosion. This recall is yet to be official. Recently, a new case of another Note 7 unit to be exploded has come into light. The explosion took place in Australia which left the owner with a whopping damage bill for nearly AUD 1,800. It is the first ever case of the explosion of Galaxy Note 7 in Australia in which it exploded when the phone was on a charging.


The Galaxy Note 7 owner – Crushader took reddit to express his experience. He said that the phone was on charging with Samsung adapter and original cable in a hotel room. When he woke up, the phone was in flames. This explosion had charred the bedsheet as well as the carpet of the room. On that, Crushader called up the customer care of Samsung where he got a replacement with a temporary Galaxy J1. Moreover, the company also made a commitment to take responsibility for the hotel bill.An Exploded Galaxy Note 7

Moreover, the Federal Aviation Administration of US is also working on to issue the preventive measures to be followed in flights after these reports of Galaxy Note 7 and other phone explosions. It is expected that FAA may consider banning all sorts of recalled products to be taken in flights.


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