Few years back, the Nokia phones like Nokia 1100, 3310 have been considered the amazing and long lasting phones. The phones you probably played Space Impact, Snake II on your break and in free time might not have had the elements and features of today’s modern smartphone, however they were built to last.

This has been demonstrated over and over, however an as of late highlighted episode has truly showcased how vigorous the gadgets are.Bulletproof Nokia!! Nokia Phone Saves Man's Life by stopping bullet

Have you heard about Bulletproof phone? and if the answer is No, then you are wrong. There is a bulletproof phone and its Bulletproof Nokia. Company’s feature phone is reported to have recently taken a bullet for its owner – literally – and saved his life. This is the second time that a Nokia phone save life of its owner.

According to a tweet by Microsoft’s General Manager of Core UX for Windows Desktop, Tablet and Phone Peter Skillman, a man in Afghanistan was saved last week after a bullet got stuck in a Nokia phone.

A photo presented on Twitter demonstrates a Nokia 301, released in 2013, that seems to have caught a bullet, the remaining parts of which are held up simply behind the phone’s crushed screen. This, obviously, is not the first time that a phone accomplished this. In 2014, a Lumia 520 stopped a bullet fired at a Brazilian policeman, however the handset – typically – got crushed all the while.

Nokia Phone stoppped bullet

Back in 2013 an HTC smartphone saved a man in Florida when it blocked a bullet fired by a robber in a petrol station from puncturing his abdomen. A Samsung smartphone is also said to have saved a man’s life during the Paris attacks last year.


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