Bose has reported another wireless soundbar – the SoundTouch 300 – and two new surround sound systems – the Lifestyle 600 and Lifestyle 650 – for the Indian market. Every one of the three items are currently on special sale at Rs. 69,999, Rs. 2,99,999, and Rs. 3,99,999 separately. You can purchase the SoundTouch 300 soundbar and its accessories on the web, however the Lifestyle items are just accessible by means of Bose retail outlets.

BOSE SoundTouch 300

The SoundTouch 300 backings streaming over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with NFC pairing. The thin soundbar has a glass top to make it emerge and give it a more premium feel.

With the SoundTouch 300, we’ve filled a gap in the market,” said Pete Ogley, general manager of Bose audio-for-video. “We pushed the boundaries of size, sound and design like nothing else available in the category.”

“We added Bluetooth to Wi-Fi so you can stream anything, instantly,” he continues. “And because it doubles as a wireless music system and home theatre system, you’ll get an incredible experience whether you’re listening to your playlists, enjoying Netflix, or watching the game – all from one gorgeous speaker.”

surround sound systems

As has turned into the norm with higher-end soundbars, the SoundTouch 300 utilizations a variety of drivers to direct the sound, and make a sentiment having separate channels without having speakers everywhere. It additionally guarantees clean bass at high volumes, and a dynamic sound alignment program to redo the yield for the best sound in your home.

The SoundTouch can be given a further assistance with Bose’s Acousitmass 300 wireless bass module, to give it an additional punch – or you could get the ‘Virtually Invisible 300’ surround sound speakers from Bose, to get a full 5.1 surround experience. These little speakers can be put attentively around the house, and will set you back Rs. 36,000 for a couple. Then again, the bass booster costs as much as the soundbar, valued at Rs. 69,999.

surround sound systems Lifestyle 600, 635

Aside from the soundbar, the organization likewise launched two home entertainment systems – the Lifestyle 600 and Lifestyle 650. The Lifestyle 650 features the littlest satellite speakers made by Bose called OmniJewel satellite speakers.

Our new Lifestyle 650 system is remarkable,” said Ogley. “For people who want the finest quality in sound, aesthetics, materials and build, there’s nothing else like it. When it’s seen and heard for the first time, it simply suspends belief.”


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