iFixit is an online community that firstly breaks down electronic gadgets and then rates them accordingly to their reparability up to the range of 10 and in iFixit Teardown Apple Iphone 7 Plus scored a score of 7 out of 10.The teardown revealed some amazing facts about the device, like its battery size, RAM amount and battery capacity.

According to iFixit repairing iPhone 7 Plus isn’t that much difficult if you know how to unscrew those specially designed screws which require different screwdrivers than the traditional ones. Also, the knowledge of adhesive removal technique should be there to the person repairing the device as in this device Apple used a lot of adhesive whose reason can be to improve waterproofing.Apple iPhone 7 Plus Got Repairability Score Of 7 In iFixit Teardown


On the other hand the water resistance is a plus point somewhere and somewhere it become the negative aspect also as water proofing reduces the need of repairs due to environmental damages but at the same time increases the time taken to do some of the repairs like the screen repair which is the most difficult job to do in this version of Iphone as per iFixit’s statement.

Also due to the addition of tri-point screws in the new Iphone, some repairs may require addition of up to 4 screwdrivers too.

Apple Iphone 7 Plus  iFixit Teardown

An important thing to note here is that the adhesive stip used in the device is much stronger than that used in Iphone 6s possible. It is possible that this strip may be an important component to make device water proof as well as making it resistant to some kinds of shocks that the inner components may get with heavy usage.

Also the main reason behind removal of 3.55mm jack on the new Iphones is not the one that was stated by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. but it is due to the “lack” of space present in the new device and in place of the 3.55mm jack there is the new “Taptic Engine”.


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