We have the launch event of 3 latest Apple devices- Apple iPhone 7, Plus and the Apple Watch 2. In these two new iPhones Apple decided to ditch the 3.5mm jack completely leaving all of the potential buyers a bit of shocked. People mocked Apple for sure on taking this step but it seems like Apple didn’t got affected by that and still is keen enough to ditch 3.5mm jack completely off every device they make and the next device that can see the change is going to be Apple Macbook.

Apple Seems To Be Planning the future Macbook

According to report on MacRumors, Apple is taking suggestions from Macbook Pro users by the help of a survey on the need of all the ports on their PC including the headphone jack.They are being asked to tell if they need these ports or they’re happy if they’ll be excluded in the next version of the same.

Apple taking Macbook Pr Surveys
Apple taking Macbook Pr Surveys

Irony here is that Macbook Pro only provides users with a single USB type C port and a 3.55mm headphone jack. Now Apple is planning to remove even these ports too.

Final Words

According to me whether Macbook users complain or not but even having a single USB type C port is it already irritating as the user always have to sacrifice between data transfer operations and charging the device. Imagine you’re in the office and your Macbook is not charged but at the same time you have to transfer some important files to your colleagues that your boss asked to do earlier that day, now what you’ll do? You’ve only one port…

And now imagine having no ports at all.


Apple Macbook

The Macbook Pro, up until now continued to offer users the convenience of USB type-C, FireWire, Thunderbolt as well as a standard audio jack but seeing the survey by Apple we can only speculate bidding goodbye to all of the ports on almost every other Apple device now and the second device after Iphone 7 in this portfolio is Macbook.

What do you think on the matter?

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