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Amazon Reportedly Working Over an Echo Like Touchscreen Display Speaker

Amazon Echo was surely a hit by the firm but it seems like Amazon has got some bigger plans than to expand just one line of speakers. According to the latest report by Bloomberg, the online shopping giant seems to be working on a more premium looking speakers much the same like the Echo but with a 7 inch wide touchscreen display. According to Bloomberg, Amazon might be adding this little perk in their speaker like so as to provide ease of access to a lot of features like checking weather forecasts, calendar appointments, and news.

Amazon Echo


The report also adds that the new speakers would be larger and tilted aside so that they are viewable when the user watches it from the top. The new speakers might also get new high grade speakers for better audio output that the Echo range probably for “premium” sound quality.

There are also reports that Amazon might be unveiling this new product in the first quarter of 2017 which means in a couple of months we’ll be having another high-grade home product from the firm.Amazon echo deviceTalking about the Echo then as I told earlier it’s a clear winner from the firm as according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Amazon has sold over 5 million Echo speakers since its launch in 2014 which is a great number for a new in line product when there are already a lot of competitors to mess with. After failing with FirePhone, this Echo range was the one the online shopping giant was truly proud of.

It would be fun to watch an “upgrade” to the same probably releasing with another name soon.

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