Online Shopping Giant, Amazon has launched a new tech named as “Dash Button” that finally debuting in others of the world landed in Japan. The Dash Button is merely a button but what it really does is interesting.


Finally, Japan watches Amazon’s homemade “Dash Buttons” launching in their nation. This happened a few months after it initially launched in the UK, Germany, and Austria. The button is charged at 500 yen costing around $4.40 but the introductory offer can lend you a 500 Yen discount making it a free of cost freebie for the consumer.

Amazon Dash Button

But the question is what actually a Dash Button is? Is it really just a Button costing 4.40$??

Actually Yes, The Dash Button by Amazon is just a button but the work it does is pretty amazing. These buttons are Wi-Fi connected devices that reorder your favorite product with the press of a button.

Every dash button is configured with a product at the time of setup so that you can order the product of your choice whenever you feel like you’re running low of it just by the press of a button. The button itself sets the delivery place and number as it is needed to be setup while purchasing the Dash Button.

The button at present is a “Prime Exclusive” which means that those who are on Amazon’s paid prime service would only be able to order this for now. The firm is planning to make it a public release in a couple period of time.

Dash Buttons

The Japanese launch of the button includes a product line consisting of products from 42 brands ranging from Gillette razor blades and Ariel detergent to Suntory mineral water and Calbee granola.

I guess if one came for India then I what products would be lined up there in the lineup.


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