The US online giant Amazon, on Thursday, announced the launch of a new small-format tablet which includes the partnership of its digital assistant Alexa.This Fire HD tablet will portray an eight-inch or 20-centimeter display and will be priced at $89 for the people of US, thus making it one of the cheapest tabs available in the market.

Manager for Fire Tablets, Kevin Keith informed that they believe in various view to tablets that intends to deliver premium products at non-premium prices making their customers love it.

Amazon to bring Alexa Assistant to its low cost Tablet

Amazon to bring Alexa Assistant to its low cost Tablet


Normally, it was seen that the sale of fire tablets was getting double with the passing of years. Thus the all-new Fire HD 8 is being developed with faster performance, more storage, and more battery life including Alexa also. All of the above features in just less than $90.

Though, there are no exact sales figures have been released by Amazon. But in accordance with the survey done by research firm IDC, it is estimated that the online titan grew to be the 5th largest vendor in the 2nd quarter with global sales reaching to 1.6 million units.

Currently, the company also sells a 7-inch Fire tablet that starts from $49 and a 10-inch variant priced at $230.

In the past few quarter, it has been observed that the global tablet market which was led by Apple’s iPad is declining. The main reason for the same is that people now are switching over to slim PCs and some of these come with detachable keyboards.

In competition with Apple’s Siri is Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Now, is a key component of the company’s tactics to jump into the internet of things and connected home.

The skills of Alexa comprise of ordering food, selecting music, checking bank balances, appointment reminders, asking for Uber rides and much more. So, all these benefits are going to associate with upcoming Amazon’s low cost tablet.


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