No doubt OnePlus is having all the aces in its deck and this year it was the most successful year for them after the launch of their revolutionary flagship device, OnePlus 3 which is the best seller since its release because of its unmatched premium built and powerful hardware which was available for half the price at which leading Smartphones brand like Apple and Samsung market their flagship devices.

Why OnePlus “Never Settles” ?

One Plus 3 smartphone

The reason of providing this much at amazingly low price was clearly stated by the co founder of the company Mr. Carl Pei that they have focused greatly on making the OnePlus 3 stand along with big flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Apple Iphone 6S and their hard work paid well, OnePlus 3 not only stands along these big flagship devices but also beats both of them in performance as well as Antutu Benchmark results are the highest of this device only.

Carl Pei also states that that the company is committed to satisfy their customers’ needs and aspirations and give them the greatest value and to prove this they had sent out a mail to the owners as well as the potential customers with a customer feedback survey in it.

A Oneplus-3

The survey focuses on getting customer feedbacks as well as product suggestions and to make more and more people to engage in this, the company also declared giving away free OnePlus 3 devices to some of the lucky customers taking part in this survey.

Official Mail

 Dear OnePlus Fan,

Thank you for your recent purchase of the OnePlus 3 on Amazon India. We are delighted to inform you that your smartphone of choice has received overwhelmingly positive feedback and reviews from fans and media friends across the country since its introduction.

To continue the company’s philosophy and tradition of building the best for their community, we need your assistance, and more importantly, your opinion matters. Help OnePlus make an informed decision in developing their next product and services by filling out the below questionnaire.

Survey participants, selected randomly, will receive OnePlus smartphones, accessories and swag as a token of our gratitude. You’re able to participate in the survey until September 13th, 2016 to qualify for the prizes. We’ll reach out to selected participants on September 30th.

Never Settle.


Now this is something really appreciable and shows that company doesn’t wants to risk their market and is relying on their customer base to come forward and tell them what features must be there and what not, After all even their tagline states to Never Settle.


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