Remember Freedom 251? The mobile device announced as “world’s cheapest Smartphone” which till now didn’t made its way into Indian market. The same mobiles’ “manufacturer” Ringing Bells is reportedly going to start selling their products over Amazon India and there is no shock in that Freedom 251 is not listed in those products to be sold there.

The company this Friday announced that they will start selling their products on Amazon India on Saturday which is also the day of “Great Indian Sale” inauguration on Amazon India.

Ringing Bells all set to sell on amazon india
Ringing Bells all set to sell on amazon india

What Products Are to Be Sold?

According to Ringing Bells’ statement the products in their catalogue to be sold over e-commerce giant are Freedom LED TV series, smartphones, feature phones, as well as power banks for now.

Talking about the television series that would be available over Amazon India, it will include Freedom Junior (24-inch), Freedom Young (32-inch), and Freedom Mega (40-inch) whose range starts from Rs. 8,999 for the Freedom Junior (24-inch) and ends at Rs. 19,999 for the Freedom Mega (40-inch).

Coming over the feature phone range then here we would be presented with three variants namely, Hit, King, and Raja starting at Rs. 699 for Hit and ending at Rs 1,099 for Raja feature phone.

When it comes about the Smartphone range then there is only one Smartphone made available over Amazon for now by Ringing Bells namely, the Elegant costing Rs. 3,999.

At the end of the list we have the power bank which would be of 4000mAh capacity and will cost Rs. 399 only. The name off the power bank is RB Power.

Ringing Bells freedom 251

Speaking over the same a Ringing Bells spokesman stated, “After introducing loyalty card programme last month, we have received encouraging response from our customers. As most of the buyers prefer online buying rather than visiting the retail outlets especially for items like mobile phones and TVs. Listing our products on Amazon India will help us in expanding our footholds across the country that we were trying to do it through our conventional network”.

It would be interesting to see how well these products perform and leave the performance, let’s see if they “actually deliver” to the buyer or not.

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