Firefox and TORAccording to some sources, Popular Web Browser and Networking firm, Mozilla Firefox is in a rush to fix the found out vulnerabilities in TOR Browser which is a Mozilla client. The vulnerability is found out to reveal the original identity of anyone using TOR Browser, by running a malicious script over it.

If you’re a TOR Browser user then this post is for you. According to some resources, news has come that Firefox client, TOR has been said to be vulnerable to hackers. The vulnerability is as it steals nothing more than your identity and that is everything for majority of the TOR users as, this browser is said to be able to let the user browse completely anonymous through the internet and also helps them access something deep. I won’t be discussing that for security purposes but the fact is TOR has been found out vulnerable and Firefox after releasing a public advisory got back to fix the vulnerability as soon as possible. The vulnerability was first said to be affecting only Windows users but tests found out that it has managed to sneak in Linux and Mac operating system securities too making it a sure shot problem.

TOR Browser

The bug in Firefox has been said to be able to be manipulated to load websites containing malicious JavaScript and SVG code. Then the Arbitrary code could be executed on the machine of the user through this exploit. Then the person or the group managing the code would have the ability to access the MAC Address and the IP Address of the particular affected person making his/her identity to a state of crisis.


Mozilla is positively going to release an update for the same soon which can be either installed manually or will get updated automatically within 24 hours of its release.


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