After all the happenings Samsung finally thought to shut down Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales worldwide and is asking all the third party vendors too to do so. Also, it makes it mandatory for all the users to return the devices back to Samsung for a full refund.

In-Depth Analysis

After all those blast issues over headlines which were putting Samsung to shame now the time had come when Samsung came forward and had shut down the sales of its premium flagship device “Samsung Galaxy Note 7”.

A Galaxy Note 7

This move by Samsung has been taken a bit late as it should’ve been more impactful if Samsung learnt from the very first Note 7 “replacement” device blast issues and would not have waited this long to take action. This evening Samsung wrote n on its recall page mentioning that the customers need to either replace their Note 7 devices for another Samsung device or get a full refund whether it was a replacement one or the “faulty” one.

“We are working with relevant regulatory bodies to investigate the recently reported cases involving the Galaxy Note 7,” – Samsung stated in a blog post.

Chairman of The US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Elliot Kaye commended Samsung for this move of theirs to stop Note 7 sales by saying, “It is the right move for Samsung to suspend the sale and exchange of all Galaxy Note 7s,”

Note 7 sales shutted down

At present almost every original variant as well as the “replacement” variant of the Note 7 has been recalled by Samsung and in future there could be possibilities of Samsung releasing the same device again but that would be of no use as the model name, “Note 7” had made a great impact on everybody’s mind. It could also happen that people start boycotting the whole Note series but we don’t want that to happen neither Samsung would love that.

It was also necessary for the firm to do so as even if it didn’t stop doing the sales then too it won’t get any big seller’s backing as AT&T and Best Buy had already blacklisted this model from their sales list.


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