Facebook has revamped its most useful feature which is the “Security Check” feature that helped users in getting information about their loved ones in case of any natural or manmade disaster. The website also added a community help tool which will help the needy in charity fundraising and other “community” related works. One can tell about his/her safety by just clicking on I’m safe button when Facebook asks one about his/her safety. This way his/her loved ones can track their relative in a better way.

Facebook Revamped Security Check Feature
Revamped Security Check Feature

This was an initial stage to the feature that I’m talking about. At first this feature was under website’s control but as per Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the company’s statement released in a press conference held on Thursday this week in New York at Social Good Forum it is being said that the company will now dilute this feature to the users so that whenever there is any event which harmed many and people are talking about it, then the users would be prompted would an option that would ask them to tell about their safety in their post they are about to make about the same. This way according to the firm no event would be left as it is pretty obvious that everyone comes forward to tell others about any recent event so that no more lives come in danger due to that and this unveils the new “Community Help Tool” I talked about it the first paragraph.

Facebook Community Help Tool
Facebook Community Help Tool

The Community Help Tool is a tool that comes after the “Security Check Feature”, this feature would help the victims raise funds as well as allows others who are safe to offer shelter to those who are in need of it. This way, the community would be able to help each other faster than the local authorities working in that area. This way even more lives would be saved from getting wasted as people would not be running here and there to get help. They themselves would be able to do that with the help of other “victims”.

People will be able to select categories under that feature to get or offer help with, such as food and water, transportation, baby items or shelter.

Once they select the desired feature, they would now be able to make use of Facebook Messenger to share the details to others affected.


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