Social Networking Giant, Facebook has released a report revealing the fact of them buying Hacked Passwords of Facebook Accounts from hackers selling these data in various black markets around the world. The social media website stated that it regularly does this so as to protect its users from getting hacked by this kind of hackers.

Facebook has revealed in a report released today that it constantly buys hacked Facebook passwords from hackers around the world selling that data in various black markets. According to them doing so helps them in constantly updating their security algorithms to safeguard them from getting hacked by hackers.

Alex Stamos who is the Chief Security Officer at Facebook stated at the “Web Summit” in Lisbon, “Keeping Facebook safe and keeping it secure are two different things. Security is about building walls to keep out threats and shore up defenses. It turns out that we can build perfectly secure software and yet people can still get hurt,”


Facebook Regularly buys Passwords from Black Marketers to Cross Check Security

According to Stamos self-defense is always better as the saying goes Prevention is better than Cure.

Let me put a graph in front of you, it is CNET’s report in which it was stated that when CNET’s team got into dealing with this kind of hackers in any black market to collect data reports they were shocked by the fact that majority of the password holders were using passwords as simple as 12345678 which even a kid can speculate at this period of time. Watching this although many websites have made it mandatory to use alphanumeric passwords with some kind of special character inherited in it so as t continue with sign up, it’s our duty to check ourselves and make changes in our passwords making them less vulnerable.

As I earlier said, “Prevention is better than Cure”.


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