Finally for those who are still on slow networks like 2G or can’t get better connectivity options or there is a network problem in their area using Facebook messenger has become possible over the same network that at first was unable to do so.

Facebook has reportedly launched a much simpler as well as “stripped up” version of its popular messenger application, “Facebook Messenger”. At present this new application is only present for “emerging” markets and Facebook is planning to step it out in international markets in coming days.

Messenger lite

Meet Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite as its name suggests is a much lighter version of its predecessor, which uses less data and is designed to work in areas with slower internet connections. The application is at present initially launching in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Venezuela and even Sri Lanka but sadly it didn’t made it steps come further to India.

But according to Facebook, they will surely expand this stripped down other countries in the coming months as everywhere someone faces some connectivity issues.

Facebook has previously also been rolling out “lite” versions of its mainstream apps like Facebook and now has come up with the lite version of its Messenger app.

Regarding the application’s size there would be lesser options there in the lite version but it can be workup upon as something is obviously better than nothing.Facebook launches 'Messenger Lite' version

The features that users would have to sacrifice would be not been able to make voice calls and video calls and even payment option would not be there in the lite version but it’s obvious that even if these features would have been present then too they would have gone in vain as who would make voice or video calls over slow connection that is not even able to handle mainstream app?

David Marcus, Head of Facebook Messenger, told in an interview, “We want to make sure Messenger products are truly for everyone”.

Seeing this we are very much sure that Mark Zuckerberg is greatly motivated towards his mission of getting everyone connected in the world.


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