According to a report, Social Networking Giant, Facebook has added a new update to their app which means its users can upload High Definition (HD) Videos and Pictures to their Fb profile now. This feature has been added discretely and no official news was rolled out about the following.


This news will light up many sad “social” faces as from now on they would be able to upload High Definition (HD) videos and pictures to their Facebook profile with the help of the official Facebook app At first, these features were missing from the app and many users and business missed this out as having a clear video upload and High Definition picture upload option missing that too from the biggest social networking platform was not digestible.

The Amazing fact is this that there is no official announcement about the same rather than an “unofficial” report that confirms the addition of this feature quietly.

Facebook app supports HD video and HD image uploads
Facebook app supports HD video and HD image uploads


The users need to enable the option from the settings where they will find a new toggle about “HD Videos” and even “HD Pictures”.

The Important thing to be noted is that, this option is yet to reach the masses and is rolling out slowly. I myself tested it and got this update on my Facebook app while on some other devices it wasn’t there which clears out two things. Firstly, the update will reach everyone but slowly and secondly that this update is worldwide and even India is in the list of getting this update.

Facebook app supports HD video Uploads

The report also states that there are other new video features introduced as well that have started appearing for some users only that too in limited numbers. As per the report, the name of these are, picture-in-picture video, the ability to download videos for offline viewing, and video viewing resolution options ranging from 72p all the way up to 360p.

The update, for now, has been made available to Android users only but the iOS version of the same should be expected very close to the launch.


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