Recently several Palestinian journalism accounts were removed from Facebook which led to an anti-Facebook campaign all over the website to show protest for the deletion of those accounts leading to accidentally deleting some publications as well. According to the journalists when they logged into their accounts they found a notification saying, “The pages were removed in error and restored as soon as we are able to investigate”. Facebook when got to know about the loss immediately took action and restored the accounts.

Facebook Apologizes for Deleting Several Palestinian Journalist Accounts

Facebook’s Spokesmen spoke on this matter in Al Arabica English. “Our team processes millions of reports each week, and we sometimes get things wrong. We’re very sorry about this mistake…”

In the statement the spokesman also shown some anger and asked the journalists and the general public to not to act this way as this was a server’s problem and nothing was done intentionally.

The campaign led by the journalists read as, “We demand the Facebook administration to further clarify the mechanisms implementing agreements between Facebook administration and States, including this agreement and to announce the conditions allowing Facebook administration to violate personal freedoms of internet users, and to enter into agreements with regimes and authorities to restrict these freedoms.”

According to those journalists and some insights, this whole deletion by Facebook was done by coming under Israeli government to remove all those content from social media site that intended to spread violence.

Palestinian Journalists take twitter

This campaign was however not only linked to social media giant, but the protestors took this fight further to Twitter asking the Twitteratis to support those Palestinian journalists in getting their social media accounts back and at the same time asked them to boycott Facebook and ask others to do the same by posting their future posts with the tag #fbCensorsPalestine.

However whatever this all happened, at the end the journalists got their accounts back as the website has to return it to them.


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