Facebook has recently announced its own gaming platform named, Instant Games. This was sounding like the firm’s initiative towards captivating gaming platform under their holds but it’s not so. Now, the company has added new games over their platform like Pacman, Galaga and Words With Friends. Instant Games is a cross platform HTML 5 gaming platform which supports cross gaming over laptops, computers and even mobile devices.

Facebook Instant Games

The platform is a closed beta right now and has got hold of 17 games under the name. The developers of their platform are big names like Konami, Bandai Namco and Zynga, helping Fb to gain some good brains for games. Currently the gaming platform is free of cost and ad free but we could expect to evolve it as a big advertising platform for Facebook. Games developers could be charged a stretch for promoting their games and in-ad games are pretty common to go within the present scenario.


If you are a beta user then you’ve noticed then you must have seen a small controller icon in the Messenger application which appears while you type a message, clicking that icon would let you in the world of Facebook games and will show you all the games Messenger currently supports.  The firm should release this update soon for public users too.

As I earlier mentioned Instant Games is not, firm’s foray into serious gaming as it as a new initiative called Gameroom developed by Unity for them allowing the users another option for playing some serious games.


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