Demand for VoLTE based devices has Increased since Jio launchedThe demand for Voice Over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) enabled devices have doubled since we saw the launch of Reliance Jio as Jio is “basically” a VoLTE only network and its luring Unlimited Data, Calls, Text and Television scheme lured almost everyone to get one for them.

According to a report by The Economic Times, Since Jio’s launch the demand for VoLTE based devices has increased up to 100% which means it has reportedly doubled as compared to previous times. We all know that calling over Reliance Jio requires a Voice Over Long Term Evolution  enabled device and calling being the basic function forced its users to buy a VoLTE based device.

This demand has also increased because after providing its services to LYF Smartphone users, Jio partnered with almost every other company to provide its “Welcome Offer” over any 4G handset. What’s amazing to see is that the demand for VoLTE based devices was seen more in rural areas than in urban cities. VoLTE devices searchers were also saw to be growing in the budget Smartphone category.Jio increases VoLTE smartphones demand

Reliance Jio was the first mover to be introducing this technology in India. Firms like Bharti Airtel, Idea and Vodafone were in great news to be “planning” to introduce the same but Jio actually did that too all over the nation.


According to the researchers every third device available in the market right now is VoLTE based and researchers expect this number to keep on increasing since the end of the financial year i.e. March 2017.As per a separate report by 91Mobiles, Jio is planning to release a device with Voice Over Long Term Evolution feature real soon which will be low on price so as to cater the budget Smartphone cater. Believe it or not but Jio has came out a late mover but fast growing Mobile Network provider.


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