Gemalto which is a global digital security firm stated in today’s live report that nearly 15 percent of increment in data breaches was seen in 2016 as compared to 2015. According to their report there were 974 cases of data breaches registered in 2016 which is 140 more than 844 cases in 2015 accounting to a massive 100 million compromised records in this year only.

The company claims that there were 4.8 billion of compromised data breach cases in 2013 only. In these breaches around 64 percent of total breaches were of data theft done intercontinental only and the rest were performed by “outsider elements”.

Data Breaches Increased By 15 Percent In 2016:
Gemalto Report

The report stated “Over the past twelve months hackers have continued to go after both low hanging fruit and unprotected sensitive personal data that can be used to steal identities,” Jason Hart, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Data Protection at Gemalto. “The theft of user names and account affiliation may be irritating for consumers, but the failure of organizations to protect sensitive personal information and identities is a growing problem that will have implications for consumer confidence in the digital services and companies they entrust with their personal data.”

Talking about health and care department, healthcare data breaches accorded to around 27 percent of the total data breaches but only 5 percent of this was compromised. While Government breaches were 14 percent of the total breaches and out of these breaches 57 percent were compromised.

Coming globally, there were 79 percent data breaches in North America itself making it at the top of the data breach followed by Europe with 9 percent data breaches and the least data breaches occurred in Asia-Pacific region with only 8 percent of the total.

Gemalto report on data breaches
Gemalto’s report on data breaches

Gemalto has been recording data breach statistics from 2013 and now it’s been 3 years standing of them in the industry.

Ending this with another statement by the firm, “The Breach Level Index is a global database that tracks data breaches and measures their severity based on multiple dimensions, including the number of records compromised, the type of data, the source of the breach, how the data was used, and whether or not the data was encrypted. By assigning a severity score to each breach, the Breach Level Index provides a comparative list of breaches, distinguishing data breaches that are a not serious versus those that are truly impactful.”


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