Cyanogen has released a new modular operating system for Modular devices like Motorola Moto Z Mod. Also the Modular OS would allow other third party OS makers to implement modular capability to their Operating Systems. Also various positions have been shuffled in the Top Tier Management in Cyanogen.

In-Depth Analysis

This year Cyanogen made many changes in their working like the former COO of the firm, Lior Tal becomes the new CEO and a member of the Board of Directors. Kirk McMaster who is The Co-Founder of Cyanogen, is now the firm’s Executive Chairman and the last, Steve Kondik, The Co-Founder and CTO will now be at the post of Chief Science Officer.

Cyanogen Undergoing Major Changes

Also this doesn’t ends up the “change talk” as the firm has reportedly released the Modular OS for Modular phones that are the new hype in the scene like the Motorola Moto Z Mods. But this won’t be a standalone OS by the firm. Unlike the CyanogenMod OS, this OS would be in parts and will offer various Mods in it according to the needs of other third party OS creators that will allow them to customize the OS according to their ROM’s specifications.

Lior Tal, the new CEO of Cyanogen stated, “In keeping with our common mission of creating a truly open, collaborative and unrestricted Android platform, we are today announcing a new Cyanogen Modular OS program. It is designed to achieve the original objective of an open and smarter Android without the limitations of requiring the full Cyanogen OS stack and individual device bring-ups.”

Cyanogen Releases Modular OS

One more initiative that is still unknown to many is that the firm is “trying to learn” from the way users use its OS to help them in providing better features with the new updates. This could be named as “peeping in” but we wouldn’t state so as using CyanogenMod OS is totally user’s choice and no firm “pre-installs” it over their device, unlike the newer ones like YU Televentures and One Plus Mobiles.


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