A new update has hit micro blogging website Twitter and this new update is meant for the conversation ranking on the replies view section of the website. To show more relevant content, the website would now be ranking content in that particular section so that nothing important misses out. The replies are now sorted into groups and threads for convenience.

Twitter conversation rankings
The most engaging content will show up first on the top then the most replied tweet that could be a retweeted material or from a verified source account. The replies from people over Twitter as we all know always received high-ranking and this new update will just place it furthermore ahead. The reply count button would be besides the love button and the retweet button allowing the users to manage their engagement in replies. The twist here is that, the reply count button is not meant to show the total number of replies to the post but to show the replies to the original post, which means if you have done a reply to the retweeted tweet then it won’t be count in the reply count unless it’s been done on the original tweet.
Twitter seems to work a lot hard to rebuild its image as for now it is known as a home to a majority of cranks and ill minded personalities in majority.
Twitter has also brought some new updates to their system, the recent ones include, expanding the functionality of mute, making reporting of malicious content lot more easier and allowing Chat bots for businesses to interact with consumers over the direct messaging.


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