There’s been an announcement by Yahoo stating that soon its photo sharing portal, Flickr’s commercial licensing and royalty program would be shutting down in the upcoming months.

The reason behind this move by Yahoo Inc. is stated by TechCrunch in its report saying it is a part of a “broader” part of the strategy by Yahoo for building a new and enhanced user platform for Photographers which was constantly being demanded over “customer feedbacks”. The users of Flicker would soon be informed about the same.

In a statement by Yahoo, they said that they had created this platform for professional photographers to market their projects to the outer world, give proper exposure to it as well as providing them monetization methods.

Flickr’s Commercial as Well as Royalty Program Shutting Down: Flickr

At the launch of Flickr company wrote “Licensing is a great way to earn money with your photos, and whether you are new to licensing or an experienced pro, we want to make this process transparent and easy. We’ll handle the tedious work and keep you focused on taking great photos!”

The statement by Yahoo spokesman on the same is “It was our hope to create the right Marketplace for our contributors, but based on consistent feedback, we understand there is more work to be done. As a result, we have decided to close the Flickr Marketplace licensing program. This closure will take place over the next few months.”

This shutdown may be a reason because of the stiff competition given by 500px and EyeEm to Flickr in present scenario as today Flickr is not the “only” platform for photographers, Today Photographers are having much “better” alternatives with them.

A look at Flickr site

Also another speculation for the shutdown can be the soaring of relationships with Getty images which handled all the licensing issues of Flickr.

Due to soar relations with Getty Images now Yahoo is looking for its alternative and not finding it maybe the reason for shutdown.

This is an official announcement by Yahoo Inc. and won’t change, but it is said that Yahoo will soon pay out all the royalties to their respective owners.


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