CMRA Camera Band is a product of an Israel based startup firm named Glide who is also the owner of an Apple Watch compatible video chat application. Now, the firm is back again with a band which comes embedded with two cameras, one for front and the other one for rear side and is meant for Apple Watch.

Let’s go back to the time when Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Gear for the first time! It was the best Smartwatch released by any firm at that time that came with a camera module that enabled you to take pictures off anything nearby without even you needing to take out your Smartphone out of your pocket. This gave Galaxy Gear an X factor which stays missing in every Smartwatch now on but Glide seems to take that legacy forward after these much years with the CMRA Camera Module for the Apple Watch.

CMRA Camera Band

The CMRA Camera Module looks similar to Apple’s rubber Sport Bands but what’s makes it real different is that it comes embedded with an 8-megapixel primary camera as well as a 2-megapixel module angled toward the face (especially for selfies LOL).

The way of CMRA’s integration with the watch is still unknown but what we know is that this band requires a separate battery pack for it to work so you can chill about the battery life of your Apple Watch after installing this module. Also if you buy one then you also get a stand that charges both the Watch and the CMRA Camera Module together.

CMRA Camera Module  with apple watch

Ari Roisman who is the CEO at Glide states in a report, “The camera is only valuable when it is out and ready to take a photo or video.”

As for now Glide has no plans to ship it this year but if you wish to buy one then preorders have already opened today which costs around $199, or $149 if you’re quick. The regular selling price of the same will be $249.


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