New companies far and wide are taking care of issues going from applications to keep individuals beneficial to sustenance conveyance services. They are additionally drawing in a million dollars of financing from speculators. Be that as it may, a Chennai-based start-up Vaya Life is wagering on an open door that new-age organizations might not have tapped as such. Established by previous Apple official Vashist Vasanthakumar, the firm makes lunchboxes which look like gadgets straight out of a space motion picture.Vaya Life : Chennai-based techie designs Smart Lunchbox

“Lunchboxes have not changed much in over 200 years, while computers and phones have evolved,” said Mr. Vasanthakumar, 31, chief executive of Vaya.

I carried a lunchbox every day to the school and after 13 years in the U.S. I came back (to India) but it hadn’t evolved,” he said. An alumnus of the University of Michigan, Mr. Vasanthakumar smelled a business opportunity and left his job at smartphone maker Apple to start Vaya — which means strength and power in Sanskrit. The start-up has built ‘Vaya Tyffyn box’ which can fit in any office bag and is covered with a compact stainless steel oval body. This design makes it 30 per cent thinner than other tiffin boxes.

The double-walled vacuum insulated stainless steel shell traps heat as it rises. The firm said the product had been designed to keep the food hot even after six hours of packaging.

We ran a lot of thermal simulations to understand how the heat escapes,” said Mr. Vasanthakumar. Vaya said that it used steel instead of plastic which has many health hazards and is not aesthetically appealing. The lunchbox has three stainless steel containers with copper finishing and leak proof lids. It comes with a smart shoulder bag which can be unzipped and converted into a table mat.

Smart Lunchbox
Smart Lunchbox

The pack which has space for cutlery has a layer of water-safe covering that makes it simple to wipe after any spills. Vaya said the lunchbox had been put through military level testing which incorporates solid vibrations to ensure it doesn’t spill while going on potholed streets and trains.

Vaya Life CEO Mr. Vasanthakumar, who raised cash from his family and companions to dispatch the endeavor, is utilizing the e-business model to offer the item evaluated at Rs.2,500 per unit.


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