After  Reliance Jio launching free access to all its users till 31st December, Seems like Airtel also wants to provide its users with something alike. Airtel launched a data plan for its 4G users costing Rs 1495 to its old users and costing around Rs 1494 to its new users that can be availed via first 4G recharge in their new 4G sim card.

This Data Plan Offers True Unlimited 4G Or There’s A Twist?

As expected this data plan is also not offering “truly unlimited’ 4G data to its users and the “free 4G” referred to in the name of this pack comes with 30GB of 4G data at 4G speed and after that data exhausts you have to face the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) and now you can browse unlimited as well a download too at the speed of 64 Kbps which is extremely low and doesn’t even competes 2G Data.

Checkout Airtel’s New 90 Day Free 4G Plan at Rs 1494
Airtel’ offering 90 Day free 4G at Rs. 1494

However on the launch of this Data Plan Airtel India’s Director of Operations (India & South Asia) stated, “At Airtel, we are focused on providing great value to customers. Customers with 4G handsets generally consume large amounts of data and this proposition is specifically aimed at them. With this pack these customers can stay online round the clock without having to worry about exhausting their data limits or going for frequent recharges.” 

Is This Airtel 4G Plan Worth The Price? – In Depth Analysis

Staying “online round the clock” doesn’t seems like to work in this pack too as at the name of Free 4G we actually have to pay a massive amount of 1495 Rs (Its only 1 Rs cheaper for new users though) and get 30GB 4G data that too With FUP making you come directly from 4G to even slower internet than 2G with the 64 Kbps download as well as browsing speed. Let me tell you hoee much 64 Kbps will come up in browsing, While browsing the internet that 64 Kbps ( 64 Kilo Bits Per Second) will be calculated as 8 KBps (Kilo Bytes Per Second).

1 Byte = 8 bits

Airtel’s New 90 Day 4G Plan at Rs 1494

With this speed your internet will ultimately become the “Jon Snow” of World Wide Web coz it could know NOTHING with this speed. With web 3.0 introduction now big sites sometimes take even a minute on high speed internet then you can easily calculate how your beast’s gonna beat that with 8 KBps.

Jon Snow

However, at present this official data pack Is available for Delhi users only, In coming days we can expect it to be launched for other circles also.


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