Some Google Pixel and Pixel XL device owners have complained in Google’s official forums about the bug in their devices that distorts every image received from an iPhone 7 Plus device. According to the users, this issue remains permanent even if the same picture is tried to view on another mobile device or laptop or computer.


According to some Google Pixel and Pixel XL device owners, whenever they receive any image sent by an iPhone 7 Plus user in their devices, they can’t view the received image properly because it appears to be distorted or destroyed in a sense. The users are unable to view the image properly even in other computer devices making the bug sound as a permanent bug.

Google Pixel have bugs

The news about the bug was first heard from Google’s official forums where users claimed this issue to the masses. The issue seems to be only in Pixel devices as if someone sends a picture file to an iPhone 7 Plus user from his/her Pixel device the picture remains intact but when the same is sent by an iPhone 7 Plus user to a Pixel owner, the bug starts playing its role.

Some “experts” who tired their hands over understanding the issue state that this bug occurs from the way the new Android system, the Android 7.1 Nougat handles the image files. Some claim this issue to be permanent and unavoidable but according to some if one wishes to avoid this bug then he/she can use third party applications on their Pixel devices for the primary apps as then the bug won’t appear. However, the source to this claim is still unverified.


There is no official statement received from Google’s end on this matter but we can look forward in hearing some. Probably according to me Google will release a fix patch for the same and it will be fixed.



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