The Customs Department of India was shook by a recent hack that was this much big that it is being estimated that it had gone up to 50 Crores in worth when calculated. According to The Customs Department of India, the hackers managed to enter the “secured government database” in the IT department of government and got access to their systems without authorizations, hence manipulating it for their own benefit that included leaking critical data that could cost our Government 50 Crores of total loss.

In-Depth Analysis

Big Hack Revealed At Customs Department India approx Loss Of 50 Cr.

There was an FIR filed for the same with the Delhi Government by officials immediately after the news about hack was known to them.

Presently the cyber security division of Delhi Police is taking care of the case. Authorities have not checked out for inside involvement in the hack and are presently focusing on investigating those firms who may be benefited with the leaked data, According to report there are half a dozen firms that are under suspicion also this list includes two businessmen whose names are not yet revealed for security reasons.

ML Meena, Assistant Commissioner Delhi Police explained the whole of the matter, stating that the criminals managed to sneak in the “highly secured” electronic interface systems and manipulated the values of custom-registered scripts, licenses and authorizations. These authorizations were those documents that were issued by Directorate General of Foreign Trade.

Customs Department of India got Hacked

According to a Customs Officer’s statement, fake licenses were also injected into the system.

The Police as well as the Customs Department are feeling better staying silent in these matters and did not said anything further on the topic. Also, a report of the initial inquiry by the cyber department has been submitted to the Delhi Police.

For now, Cyber Crime Department is still trying to trace the IP Address of the computer system from which this hack was executed. However, nothing more is currently available.


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