We all know animals are adorable and we all love to share their pics all over internet and watch their cute adorable videos but what if I say Facebook is going nuts over a single cat picture which is leading to account ban instantly if you just share that picture even in personal chat?


Even I was shocked when I first heard this but after confirming it all I can say is don’t send this picture online on Facebook to anyone of your recipient as it will lead to your account being flagged by the social media giant in no time.

Beware! Sharing This Cat’s Photo On Facebook Could Lead To Banning Your Account

According to a user named Varun Krishnan who works at FoneArena his account was “flagged” for sharing an adorable cat’s picture. He stated, “I was actually chatting with some friends over Facebook Messenger and after I sent this image , I automatically started getting logged out of messenger. I opened the Facebook app and that said Session time out and asked me to login again. I felt something was wrong with my phone or internet, I decided to get online on my computer. Only then It began to strike me that Facebook has actually disabled my complete Facebook account – Messenger , Facebook, Ads and what else I don’t know – in a matter of seconds and I was being logged out of the service on all my devices. I just realized that my Facebook profile with over 3000 friends and numerous photos and messages is no longer accessible,”

He even asked his friends to check whether his profile was watchable to them and to his utmost shock even his friends couldn’t see it over there and this clearly meant that Facebook deleted his account.


When going through his Fb Id link, the webpage shown, “This message has been temporarily removed because the sender’s account requires verification.”

I also checked sending the same picture over 5 of my accounts via various sources and removing the exif data but even after doing all this my account got blocked this seriously means that Fb doesn’t want this picture over the social media giant and you should never share it over other social platforms too to escape the unforeseen.

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