Norton: Around 55 Percent Millennial Have Been Affected of Cyber Crimes in India

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Norton By Symantec Released a report recently that stated that around 55 percent or more of millennial in India have been a victim of any kind of cyber crime in the past year. According to the report not only in India but millennial are the ones who are most vulnerable to these kinds of cyber attacks like Ransomware and phishing, with around 40 percent of total cyber crimes happened in the world last year were on millennial. For those who don’t know, millennial are those people who were born between 1980 to 2000 which means me, you and majority of the readers reading this are millennial. The report also states that, “39 percent Indian millennial have either experienced Ransomware themselves or know someone who has”.

Around Norton: Around 55 Percent Millennial Have Been Affected Of Cyber Crimes In India, says Norton
Millennial are those people born between 1980 to 2000

Ritesh Chopra, who is the Country (India) Manager at Norton by Symantec states, “Millennial emerged as the password sharing generation in India with 34 percent of them admitting to sharing passwords of various accounts”

The report further supports Ritesh’s statement by adding that 80 percent off the millennial that were affected from Ransomware shared their passwords to others which clearly states how harmful sharing your password can be. Digging in the report it was found out that 18 percent of the affected paid the ransom but didn’t got their “private” data back.


Moreover, 30 percent of the millennial agreed to the fact of them using their neighbors’ Wi-Fi without their knowledge or prior permission. Norton shares another set of security guidelines to the public which includes not paying the ransom in any case if any data breach occurs, stop using “unsecured” public Wi-Fi’s, stop sharing your passwords and start keeping strong passwords.

While all of the above guidelines are repeated after every report but it didn’t seems to work as the stats grow day by day on the negative side.

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