In the latest Apple launch event we saw Apple primarily focusing on calling the new Apple Watch, a “fitness device you must have”.  Although there are several loops which still need to be unwound by Apple to really make this new device made in collaboration with Nike a real “fitness” device and Apple is now trying to fill those gaps.

According to a recent report from Bloomberg, Apple was found out to be working in making of new applications for its new watch and one of the two major haves on which the company is working is the sleep tracker which tracks on the user’s sleep which he sleeps wearing the same and the other one interprets that data and shows it to the user judging on the heartbeat ratio.

Apple Watch

The relief point for those who recently bought the new Apple watch is this that their devices’ hardware is able to make both of these applications work and they “don’t” need to buy anything extra as an accessory for now.

But the main question lies in how these apps will work and this is still not known even to us as looking at the sleep timer’s functioning and the battery consumption rate as in other devices, it clearly points out to “charging overnight” of the device but if the user’s going to charge their devices overnight then how would their sleep’s going to be tracked, as for that to happen the device must lie on user’s hand to monitor his pulse rate and other factors.

Main Agenda Of Apple

Apple Tend to be Working on Sleep Timer for Apple Watch: Report

According to Bloomberg the main thing the company seems to be focusing on is to make company’s HealthKit application a diagnostic tool to be used by both the doctors and the patients to share all the “medical” problems as this app analyses the body of the patient and ultimately those records can be made to be sent to the concerned doctor for better treatment.

“Distance” treatment doesn’t seem like a far off thing looking at the way HealthKit app is evolving.


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