This month Apple came out with a stat report stating that 60% of the total iPhones all over the world are running on iOS 10 which is the latest version of the operating system iPhones run on. Out of the 40% of margin left, 32% iPhone users are on iOS 9 and the left out are on older versions, be it any version all are under that 8%.

In-Depth Analysis

Apple Inc. earlier came out with a statement stating that more than 50% (54% to be precise with their statement) of the iPhone users have updated their devices to the latest version of iOS i.e. iOS 10. Now the firm has finally announced the correct figures in a stat report announced this month.

About 60% of the iPhones are now Running on iOS 10
About 60% of the iPhones are now Running on iOS 10

In the stat report, it was stated that 60% of the iPhone users are on the latest iOS 10 while the rest of the 40% are still divided into 2 parts, 32% of the users are using iOS 9 whereas the left 8% are on the older versions be it any version.

These stats were collected by the Apple Stores and the company stated that more than 60% of the users visiting the Apple Store were having their devices updated to iOS 10 and rest were according to the above statements.

The rise came from those users who are among 32% users who are on iOS 9 as the margin has decreased from 38% in last report by the firm.

32% of the users are still using iOS 9
32% of the users are still using iOS 9

This means that people shifted gradually from iOS 9 to iOS 10. To tell you more about iOS 10’s hype, I must tell you that more than 22% devices adopted the new operating system just in 3 days of its launch!

But this was a slower rate of adoption than the same seen for iOS 9 back in date; back when iOS 9 was launched around 50% of the users updated their devices to iOS 9 from iOS 8 in just 3 days!

Now that’s a huge difference.


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