Apple has started to sell refurbished iphones officially on its website. The iPhones listed on the website range from iPhone 6s to 6s Plus, new range of iPhones hasn’t been listed on the website and we can’t expect it until the new version launches. India is still not getting to avail this opportunity by Apple and the reason is still


Everybody who ever wished to buy an iPhone for him can now rejoice, iPhone maker, Apple Inc. has announced to sell refurbished iPhones on its official website from today onwards. For those who don’t know refurbished mobiles are those mobiles which previously have been returned to the manufacturer because of some manufacturing or software defects. These mobiles are then restored to full-functioning, factory-standard condition.

Although these phones can be considered a used one, but as they are re opened by the manufacturer, these mobiles often feature brand new parts and freshly installed software due to this and also come with a “decreased” warranty period.

As per now the iPhones listed range from iPhone 6s to 6s Plus and we can’t expect Apple to release refurbished models of its newly launched iPhone 7 and 7 plus until iPhone 8 launches.

Coming over the price, iPhone 6s is priced at $449 that is around Rs 30,000 for the 16GB “refurbished” model, the 64Gb iPhone 6s Plus is priced at $589 which sums up around approx Rs 39,300.

All of the models come with free shipping and hassle free returns and the color options are also not limited, all the four colors are available for now until stocks last. One would be saving around $110 on iPhone 6s all models that is about Rs 6,600 and $80 on the iPhone 6s Plus summing up around Rs 5,300. However, a 64GB for the iPhone 6s isn’t available made available which could be fact to worry about for some.

Also unlike other refurbished Smartphones that carry only 6 months warranty, the ones shipped by Apple would carry a full one year warranty and the company also claims to place new battery in the refurbished ones removing the old one for better battery backup.


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