According to a report by “The Wall Street Journal”, Apple Inc. is reportedly putting the E-Ink Keyboard in the Macbook 2018 that is yet to come. For the project the firm is said to be working with a firm named as “Sonder” which is also releasing its own E-Ink Keyboard later this year.

In-Depth Analysis

Some leaps are good and some are bad, a leap to the future tech can be good if it isn’t out of the box for present generation to handle it but could be bad if it is. The same could be said by the report published by, “The Wall Street Journal”. According to The Wall Street Journal, iPhone making firm, Apple Inc. is reportedly working with a firm named as Sonder for producing E-Ink Keyboards for the new iteration of the Macbook series i.e. the Macbook 2018.

Before going further let me first explain you what exactly is an E-Ink Keyboard. An E-Ink Keyboard is a keyboard that can be modified as per our need, to be precise the E-Ink Technology is the copyright of E Ink Corporation, E Ink or Electronic Ink is a paper type technology with high brightness and contrast ratio, a wide viewing angle, and requires much lower or I must say near to “no” power.

So, the E-Ink Keyboard would be able to work as not only the standard QWERTY layout, but the user would also be able to enable it to display different alphabets and context-sensitive buttons for different productive uses.

Apple Putting E-Ink Keyboard In Macbook 2018: Rumor

If Apple goes by the saying that it always comes up first to try “innovative” tech then this could be the call for E-Ink keyboard too but according to Wall Street Journal the source is “anonymous” and is not “trust-worthy”. The report by the site claims that the source is “familiar with the plans,” and talks about a recent post by “The Guardian” that states about another source that tells that Apple is in plans to buy Sonder, the same firm it is said to be in talks to build E-Ink paper for Macbook 2018. However Tim Cook really met with the CEO oF Sonder last week but the origin of the source appears to be a “deleted” Reddit post.

Apple Macbook 2018 may feature E-lnk Keyboard

Now whatever the reality be at least we know what E-Ink Technology is and how beneficial it could be.


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