Samsung is said to lose its 23% of premium handset market shares to its neck to neck competitor, Apple Inc. this year in the Q4 of 2016. This is possibly being said because of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco being happened and Apple’s Iphone 7 being launching at the right time.Apple possibly overtaking Samsung in premium smartphone market in India

In-Depth Analysis

The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco has led to a major downfall and a loss of revenue of up to 3.5 Billion Dollars to Samsung Mobiles but that’s not all of that what has happened bad to the firm. According to the report by Counterpoint Research it is being said that Samsung may lose its market share in the premium handset market in India by 23 percent during the Q4 of 2016. At present the market share of Samsung Mobiles here in premium segment of handset industry in India is around 58 percent which is expected to drop up to 35 in Q4 or the last quarter of the current year. The reason for this is being speculated as the Note 7 fiasco that happened due to a flaw in the battery pack of the flagship Smartphone leading to the two nodes of the cell to fuse internally and causing blasts in multiple units of the Note 7 across the world.

Due to this many users set aback of buying Flagships from Samsung and as an option there was only one Strong contender to the firm and that was Apple that played their cards and launched Apple Iphone 7 at the best time available. The Iphone 7 was available here in India for buying on October 7.Samsung loses billions due to note 7  failure


According to Counterpoint Research due to all the above reasons Apple’s share in India in the 4th quarter or the last quarter of 2016 will be increased up to 57% outranking Samsung by a few digits. The rest of Samsung’s lost share would be captured by other mid-range firms.


Talking about Samsung then it seems to be planning a comeback with S8 real soon.


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