Apple Inc. is reportedly in news for being making their own set of Smart Glasses to be released for iPhone users in the near future. However, the news is still vague but some “familiar resources” told it to be true as it seems like. The glasses would be able to connect directly to the iPhone to further connect the wearer to the Virtually Augmented Reality World.

Just like any other tech related firm another big player from that pool seems to have jumped in making their own set of Smart Glasses. Earlier we had Google Glass and Snapchat’s new Snap Glasses but now it seems like iPhone users might also be getting one for them from their parent company, Apple Inc.

Apple May be building its own set of Smart Glasses

According to a report by Bloomberg, the company is trying to play its card in the Virtual Reality segment by launching their own set of Smart Glasses. The website tried to reach in depth to the matter and found some “familiar resources” stating the same to them instead adding up some more of elements to the story. According to them, Apple would not be launching these glasses even by the next year and is planning to release them by 2018 because the venture is still in its beginning days and might take around an year to see some progress.

The sources also told that the particular glasses Apple is making would be able to connect directly to the iPhones without the need of any application which sounds kind o fishy but who knows maybe instead of releasing a particular app, the company might release an Over The Air (OTA) update for the same.Apple smart glasses


While there are already many Smart Glasses present like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the main competitor to the firm seems to come from Microsoft. Microsoft is also generating their own “HoloLens” that superimposes images virtually to the open world.

We don’t have enough authenticity over the news as well as no more details were shared by the “anonymous” resource Bloomberg interrogated. All we can do now is wait for more to be said over this topic.


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