According to a recent report by a Wall Street Analyst iPhone maker Apple Inc “lacks courage for innovation”. According to him the firm is slow in innovations and can’t lead the future of “mobile technology” this way that too properly.


A Wall Street Analyst recently came with a conclusion stating that iPhone maker apple is lacking the needed “courage for innovation” and doesn’t have the needed potential to be the leader of the mobile industry. The name of the analyst is Andrew Uerkwitz and he wrote all this in a research note. He stated, “We believe Apple lacks the courage to lead the next generation of innovation (AI, cloud-based services, messaging); instead will become more reliant than ever on the iPhone, Over the next decade we believe the stock will generally underperform the market.”

Apple lacks courage - wall street analysts

I think he’s quite correct, as we all know that the iPhone made by Apple are always 2-3 years behind that of Android devices. Many people would refrain from this and would say that Apple provides a premium interface than Android devices and doesn’t lags at all while on the other hand Android devices does.

I agree but just try to use Apple’s iOS over any other processor, it surely will lag. Keeping aside the Apple, Android fight, the main topic here is that according to me the statement fits in correctly that the firm is way behind in “innovation” but I won’t comment over the fact of it being able to rule or lead the mobile industry or not.


The analyst Andrew Uerkwitz also pointed over the vulnerability issues in the iPhones. He states, “Cracks are showing in the Apple wall of invulnerability”. This comes after firm’s recent announcement of fixes for two different long-standing bugs. Last week Apple launched a repair program for a bug called “touch disease,” which worked by leaving the iPhone 6 Plus devices with flickering, unresponsive screens after being dropped from an uncertain distance.


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