We recently saw iPhone 7 entering our lives and it’s not even made available for the users to come up and buy and there’s already news of the new iPhone’s development. According to an Apple employee iPhone 8 is being developed in an Israeli facility and this facility is going to be the only facility to work first on any future Apple products.

In Depth Analysis

iPhone 8 in development
iPhone 8 in development says an Apple Employee

This was told to Business Insider by that employee. Another amazing fact is that the new iPhone is going to be an 8 and not of any s series like iPhone 5 being carried away by iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 being followed by iPhone 6s. We thought Apple would be playing the cards the same way with Apple iPhone 7 too but that doesn’t matches to that Apple employee’s statement.

The office that is under the question mark for this leak is being referred to be in Herzliya, Israel, just 15km from Tel Aviv. We didn’t have much to reveal in his statement rather than just stating “iPhone 8” many times and referring to new body design in the new iPhone.

According to the employee, the iPhone 8 will be coming with an all glass body rather than the aluminum one and will be consisting of an edge-to-edge screen with curved glass and a flexible OLED panel.

iPhone 8 concept
iPhone 8 concept

Also Business Insider told in their statement that the employee is in the soldering unit in that Israeli facility tend to be manufacturing the upcoming Iphone and according to his statement there would be nothing matching in Iphone 8 than its predecessors and will also come up with a better and enhanced camera module.

Even according to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. the concerned Israeli manufacturing unit is the “second largest research and development facility” maintained by Apple.

Final Words

iPhone 8 (another concept)

Seems like all the old “fake” pictures of Apple Iphone will come up as true with the new Iphone but only time will tell how credible the statement by that employee was.

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