Apple had announced earlier this year that it will be launching an iOS App Development Center in Naples, Italy and today as reported by the Guardian the centre is ready to be opened up for students. This is the first ever App Development Centre by Apple and is located in the University of Naples Federico II, which is also one of the most oldest universities in the world as it was opened for public in 1225.

Fee Structure For the iOS App Development Course

First iOS Application Development Centre by Apple opens in Italy

Looking at the brand name you may have been thinking that the fee structure would be a lot of money which would be non-affordable for many of us but that’s not the fact. Apple is providing this “nine months long” English oriented course absolutely free to develop “practical skills” in students to enrich skills in them to create iOS Applications.

A total of  4000 individuals have applied for it as reported by The Guardian. But out of these 4000 applicants only 200 of them were selected for the course.

Apple has not only just built a structure but is also seen taking interest in creating studious environment, from color of the wall to the study materials everything is being judged by Apple so that it delivers at par knowledge to the students, that too at no cost.

First iOS Application Development fee structure

Just going in and studying the course will give you a free iPhone, iPad, and a Macbook as it is a part of the syllabus as per Apple’s statement. But as we know not everyone can get a seat in the Development Centre, so going all mad for this “deal” is nothing more than waste.

The main plan of this “centre” was laid in a meeting of Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi and Apple in January which has now come true. It is a collaborated project by Italian Government and Apple to uplift the poor people of Italy.


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