According to a report by Wall Street Journal, Apple is reportedly seen to be building a 45 million dollars research center in Beijing, China to build some new hardware parts. This will be the first research center of Apple Inc. In China and would be employing 500 people under the research center. The new hardware that are being referred to here to be made will be computer hardware, communications, audio, and visual equipment.

The Zhongguancun Science Park Administrative Committee stated about the same in a social media post about the same and also talked about Tim Cook’s Chinese expansion plans that came into light last month for the first time.

Apple Building a New 45 Million Dollar Research Center in Beijing: Report

What Were The Expansion Plans?

Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook when his visit to the country last month talked about expanding their business in China and invest more this year and also talked about building a Research Facility by the end of 2016 which is now being built with an estimate of 45 million dollars in Beijing.

Apple would also be investing more in China as it has always acted as both the market base to manufacture Apple’s devices and also as an important buyer base to sell those products easily.

But this sale and production ride was not always good for Apple there in China as earlier this year China had shut down the iBooks and iTunes Movies services due to the reason being that China imposes strict rules on governing what can be published on internet in their nation.

Apple's New research facility under construction

Despite all these events  Tim Cook stated in a statement in August that, “Apple always remained very optimistic about the long-term opportunities in Greater China” and they will continue in investing there despite of the fact that what happened earlier and watching Apple building this new research and development centre Chinese people are getting surety of his words.


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