A British Cab driver named Sharakat Hussain was in a great shock when he was asked to prove his identity in an order to confirm that he’s nowhere linked to the deceased Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain. This happened after he requested a money refund for an Apple iPhone 7.

Security measures are good but sometimes overdoing them can lead to hurting someone’s sentiments. One of the cases of this kind of treatment is the case of a British Cab Driver named Sharakat Hussain. Sharakat had bought an Apple iPhone 7 for his sister last month. Since her sister was in no mood to own an iPhone, Hussain immediately returned the device to Apple and requested a refund for the same.

Apple asked its Customer to prove that he was not linked to Saddam Hussain
Sharakat Hussain

However, this simple process turned into a great mess when an Apple employee Sharakat to confirm that he is nowhere related to the deceased Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain all because of his surname being the same.

According to a report by TheSun, Sharakat Hussain received an email from the firm that asked him to tick a box to confirm that he was not the family of Saddam Hussain. At first Sharakat thought that this was spam and ignored it but to his bad luck it was an official mail by an Apple Site Admin.

Apple iphone 7

When Sharakat got to knew about the authenticity of the mail he got furious for being linked to Saddam Hussain. He immediately reported this to media and when media reached out to the admin, he just told that he just wanted to make sure that the person was not on the “Government Denied Parties list” of people to which Apple is barred by the Government to sell its products.

To this the firm had apologized and also offered a full money refund to Mr. Sharakat.


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