Social Media Networking giant, Facebook has made an announcement which states that from next update Facebook would be able to integrate with Android Auto App, by Google to help people integrate their Android devices into their car’s dashboard display and use it hassle free just like iPhones.

Android Auto users would be able to use their Facebook account, reply to the messages and even hear them while being on the driving seat, driving their car. For those who don’t know what Android Auto is, it is software developed by Google that works for Android 5.0 Lollipop and above versions of the operating system that helps the person use their Android device while being in their car without even touching their phone!

Android Auto being used in a car

Now those users can also avail the benefits of using the social network while driving, all they have to do is have Messenger application installed on their Smartphone and after that, they would be able to make use of the platform on their car’s dashboard with the help of Android Auto.

This came out after Google made an announcement to release Android Auto as an application rather than limiting it to just being an infotainment platform making it available to everyone despite of the lifespan of the car they have.

Facebook to be integrated into Android Auto

This way people can stay connected to the world and their family in a safer way as using you mobile phone is strictly restricted while driving any vehicle. People are also provided with an ability to reply their Facebook friend by saying, “I’m driving right now” and the application would type that for the user and send it to the recipient saving the driver from looking for his/her device to reply the important message risking his life and even of others.


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