Reddit users claim that they have been receiving successful refunds from for the accessories they purchased for their Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Any accessories purchased over Amazon for the Note 7 are said to be easily refunded for full amount by the E-Commerce giant.

In-Depth Analysis

Amazon always boasted about being more of “consumer oriented “firm than just being an online shopping giant and if all this is true then we can really say that Amazon is truly a consumer oriented shopping portal.

Amazon Refunding full Money for Note 7 Accessories: Report

We all know that this week Samsung has stopped the production of Galaxy Note 7 as well as had asked its customers to power down the device and exchange it with another Samsung device or for full refund. But this all led to a whole lot of accessories getting totally useless. The docks made for Note 7 are now useless, the expensive mobile cases and various other things including screen guards etc are now totally gone in vain but what if I tell you that there’s still hope of getting hold of your precious money back?

According to some Reddit users, when they asked the online shopping giant about returning their money in exchange for the accessories they bought from the site, Amazon actually returned their full amount that too for those products that have crossed the “30 Day Money Back Guarantee” margin.

Amazon to refund money for Note 7 Accessories

Now there’s something very generous of Amazon to actually take care of their users, but what’s not sure is that whether the source like Reddit be trusted? As many users just try to mock out there.

Well, this could only be confirmed by heading over to the company’s Customer Care and asking them personally.

As per when I asked Amazon Care about the same then sadly the Customer Care Executive gave me just some formal replies on the matter and nothing insights were given which could mean that this “seems to be offer” couldn’t be stretched to Amazon India’s users but you can try your hands, maybe you just hit it right.


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