We all know Amazon as a big player in the E-Commerce industry but a fact that few of us don’t know is that before all this shopping game started, Amazon was a renowned and undisputed king of the online book selling platform and it still is the undisputed king. Amazon still takes care of the fact that no one beats it in that particular sector at least and for this Amazon always keeps its publishers happy with nowhere in the market prices for their works and due to this activity it is under a big problem as per EU Anti Trust Department.

In-Depth Analysis Of The Matter

Amazon in Talks with EU AntiTrust to Solve Year Long Dispute: Report

It dates back to June last year when EU antitrust department accused Amazon of giving “lucrative” contracts to the publishers so that they sell the maximum on its platform as well as keep the prices cheap so that maximum lot comes to them only making it difficult for its rivals to even sustain in the market. The main focus being laid on is German and English Department of Amazon as it’s the most saturated one too.

Since then the E-Commerce giant is trying to escape from it without any “fine” being charged upon it by EU Antitrust Department.

Again according to a source Amazon is in talks with EU to let it go without being charged upon anything. The source stated, “Amazon is in talks to settle the book case but it is too early to say whether it will reach an agreement,”

Amazon in talks with EU to settle disputes

The source, however wanted to remain anonymous and declined to state any of its details. However, European Commission spokesman Ricardo Cardoso was in no mood to comment on the topic but as per our knowledge under the EU’s settlement rules, the company would not face any legal fines or would not be found guilty of wrongdoing if it can offer concessions to allay regulatory concerns.


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